Organic Social Management


You’re looking through social media and stumble across a company you’re interested in buying from. You go to their Facebook page and boom. The last time they posted was over a year ago.

Are they still offering their product or service? Why haven’t they posted in such a long time? Do they just not have time? Did their idea go to the wayside or are they just too busy?

Most importantly, did your opinion of them change because their absence made you uncertain?


This scenario plays out more often than you think. Organic social media can be a powerful tool for some, but not all. Because so many people post organically, it’s important to stay active so that you don’t become an outlier.


More and more, organic social media is about staying active and keeping users that care about your brand up to speed with your newest offerings, business changes, and announcements.

How we handle organic social media is pretty simple:

  1. 3 posts per week


You need to let customers know that you’re still in business and that’s our business.

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