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Our founder/owner is a Google Ads professionals located in the United States (USMC Veteran). You get real personal Google Ads Management solutions. The problem with automated ppc management services or large organizations is that they lack the everyday personal touches that really optimize Ads account. Quite frankly large companies lack empathy, this is something that’s been learned working in the industry for years. When you work with Fully Armed, we become a family.

When companies start to automate their Googles Ads that is when costs typically start to get out of hand. FAM has a proven track record. Our philosophy is that the longer you do Google Ads the costs per clicks should decline over time, allowing your budget to stretch further and further. Our hope is to only keep a select few clients so I can offer the best bang for their buck and to be the best ppc consultants.

Your business is our #1 priority. We would rather be honest and open with my clients in order to maintain trust. We often see agencies scrape a client of every penny they could while hiding metrics that made the agency look bad. What you’ll get from FAM is a monthly report that pulls metrics and cost right from Google Ads, this report will accompany every single invoice you’ll ever receive. This keeps things very clear, it’s also part of my billing structure of $500 flat fee + 10% of advertising spend. When we decide on a budget we are going to consider performance first before spend.

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Each and every business owner gets stressed out about how Google and other search engines view their website. Positioning is key to a business’s online success. Where you show up in search engine results can make or break your online marketing efforts. Website creation, the correct way, is key to alleviating these stressors. A great website makes it easy to figure out what your business is all about, the story behind the company, and the website should make it easy to contact your business. At Fully Armed Marketing we use our intense desire for success and our industry knowhow to impact your search engine optimization from the start.

Your website guests visit from different sized screens and devices. You can miss a portion of these visitors becoming paying customers without a responsive website. In the past few years, cell phones and tablets entered into a larger part of the share of device traffic to websites so you need to pay special attention that you are providing the best experience possible for people visiting from those devices. In fact, more and more Google is considering a website’s performance on cell phones as a huge ranking factor. Our website specialists make sure your website will last and support each type of gadget.

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Slow speed is a problem that is addressed by having a responsive website design. Statistically if your website doesn’t load fast people leave before it even loads. That means tons of missed opportunities. In addition, Google has actually said that site speed affects SEO directly. Our website experts use a responsive mindset out of the gate. At Fully Armed Marketing we make web pages both informative and persuasive to your expected customers and fundamentally sound to Google.

If your website is currently poorly designed, you may lose a large volume of traffic. At Fully Armed Marketing, we want to help you attract visitors by creating a site which represents your brand and is as functional and attractive as it is. Should your website not be fitted with different devices currently, take too long to load, or be intimidating to look at, we will assist you in taking the right direction. Hire a professional web designer to lift your online presence today.

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