Clogged Drain Specialist Marketing Case Study


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We helped a clogged drain specialist take his business from idea to $100,000+ months in less than a year.


After working at a plumbing business, the owner of AAA Damage Control wanted to start his own company in Ohio.

The Solution

We built out a clean, fast, and effective website in addition to creating a bullet-proof advertising plan with Google Ads.

The Results

After starting with FAM in November 2019, AAA damage control went from a concept to generating 35 highly qualified leads per month. In a 9 month period, they’ve received 315 leads, including 230 phone calls and 85 website inquiries. They are on blasting past $100,000 per month in revenue!

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490 Calls in a year
40 calls average in a month


171 leads in first 6 months
616 phone calls from Oct '19 to July '20


315 leads in first 9 months
exceed $100k revenue months


2,723 Website Visits in 7 Months '20
48 form submissions in 7 Months '20
most home studies ever in 2020


Top of Google Search
167 Leads in 2019

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