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Fully Armed Marketing was founded on one simple belief: We only succeed when you succeed.

The founder of FAM has worked at marketing companies and noticed a glaring problem with the industry – money always came before results. Time after time, he saw new clients pay hefty monthly bills that went straight to the increasing the bottomline, not to helping the company grow with online advertising. 90% would go to the management fee. 10% would go to the advertising budget. Then, reports would be fluffed to include “vanity” metrics that looked nice, but didn’t have any real impact.

This wasn’t the way digital marketing was supposed to work. Digital marketing was supposed to grow businesses, bring success, and create growth. It wasn’t supposed to be a game of overpromising, money grubbing, and dishonesty.

He decided that enough was enough. He was going to create a digital marketing agency that was based on results, trust, and honesty.

In 2018, FAM was created. A new way of doing business with a digital marketing agency was born. So if you’re ready to do business with a PPC, SEO, and Digital Marketing Company that is armed to the teeth with results, you’re in the right place.

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